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Custom Chokers

The Process

Two ways to create a custom:

  • 1. Pick a general theme, colours and provide a rough budget

  • Suited for those who are happy with giving me more creative freedom and/or are on a tight budget

  • 2. Specify exactly what colours, add-ons, and materials you want 

  • I can then give you a quote for everything and then we can discuss what can be left out or changed if you are not happy with the price.

Pleated choker customization

Outer colour: colour of pleats
Inner colour: colour of inner ribbon. You may also choose a patterned ribbon (ask to see ones that are currently available)



Pendant: choose from a selection of metal pendants or have a custom polymer clay one made. Ask to see metal ones that are currently available. Polymer clay ones are highly customizable and can be almost anything you’d like

Bell: plain & character bells are available

Add-ons: Choose from a selection of bows, charms, chains, lace, studs and


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